10 Tips for Perfect Asian Eye Makeup

Since Asian women discovered makeup, they have always given most of their attention to their eyes. Whether yours’ are large and almond-shaped, or, small and crease-less, you can always depend on Asian makeup to bring out their beauty. However, just having the right products alone, isn’t enough! To make the most of your Asian makeup, you need to learn the following ten Asian eye makeup tips and let your exotic beauty shine.

  1. Before applying any makeup on your eyelids, make sure to prep your skin and eye area. Use an eye primer to fill up and even out any wrinkles you might have around your eyes. Also, use a concealer, or a color corrector, to reduce the appearance of any dark circles and other blemishes. Finally, after dabbing your lids with a bit of foundation, you are ready to apply eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara.
  2. If your eyes are small and slanted, do not put a lot of time and effort into making them appear larger like Caucasians’ eyes. Your eyes are already very charming, and, not to mention, quite exotic. So, indulge in your ethnic beauty, and focus on enhancing it, rather than changing it.
  3. One of the main issues Asian women may encounter is asymmetrical eyes. If one eye is smaller than the other, you may need to add a thicker line to your smaller eye and curl its’ lashes more. This Asian eye makeup trick will help to open the eye and make it look bigger.
  4. Most Asian women use black pencil on their eyebrows. However, this looks very unnatural against your skin; instead, you should consider dark brown or mahogany.
  5. Though dark eye shadow may be tempting, you need to avoid this if your eyes are small. Instead, to complement your skin and avoid looking artificial, choose light to medium shades of brown for your Asian eye makeup.
  6. Try graduating your eye makeup from your lash line to your brow bone. This will add depth to the eyes and give them a more stylish look.
  7. Because most Oriental women have sparse eyelashes, professional makeup artists recommend that they rely more on eyeliner and omit the use of mascara. The line on your upper eyelid should be close to your lashes and smudged, while your bottom lids should be lined softly and lightly.
  8. If your lashes are full and luscious, curl them before generously applying layers of mascara. Make sure to comb your lashes between layers to avoid clumps.
  9. Give airbrush makeup a try. People from different ethnicities have tried this innovative line of cosmetics and praise it for its ability to suit every skin type and tone.
  10. Be open to experimenting with different Asian eye makeup styles. You can’t give up on a certain look just because it, “supposedly”, won’t work with Asian eyes.

With these tips, you will be able to get the most from your Asian cosmetics, and in turn, wow every person as you pass by.

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