A Learner’s Guide to Korean Makeup

Women from Asia are world renowned for their beauty, and those from Korea have set the standard. With the right Asian makeup, Korean women can enhance their God-gifted beauty and be more striking than women from other ethnicities. If you are interested in the art of Korean makeup, read on.

How Korean Makeup is different

What makes Korean makeup different from Western makeup is that it depends a lot on whitening products. Korean women use bleaching products with their makeup to make their skin appear fairer and more luminescent. In addition, these whitening agents help in reducing the appearance of imperfections like scars and blemishes.

Another aspect, which makes this ethnic makeup unique, is it dedication to flawless complexion. Women from Korea are more fixated on the perfect complexion than the citizens of other countries. As a result, they put more effort into their makeup routines and, regularly, use primer, makeup base, foundation, concealer, setting powder, and highlighter.

How to Apply Makeup the Korean Way

Not all Korean women will follow the same technique, but the following steps are considered the ideal method for applying makeup in Korea.

  1. Start with Skin Care – Korean women focus on the quality of their skin in order to achieve a flawless canvas for their makeup. So, you will need to use a good cleanser to counter your oily skin or acne pimples. You will also require an oil-free moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. In addition to the texture of their skin, Korean women work on maintaining their fair skin tone. As a result, you need to use excellent sunscreen under your makeup.
  2. Set a Base for the Makeup – Because women hailing from Korea seek perfection, they will apply a makeup primer to rid their skin of lines and wrinkles. Once the primer sets, they use yellow-tinted foundation to enhance their eyes and cheekbones. Finally, they dust their temples, chins and noses with loose powder to avoid oiling up.
  3. Apply Eye Makeup – Korean women are lucky because they can use all forms of eye makeup. However, in order to determine which color is best for you, you need to take into consideration the area above your eyelids. If the area is moderate, you can use blue or purple eye shades with confidence. On the other hand, if the area is smaller, you should go for neutral colors such as coral. As for eyeliner and mascara, classic black may not always be the best choice. If you have small eyes, consider using dark brown eyeliner and mascara instead.
  4. Finish Off with The Lips – When choosing the right shade of lipstick, Korean women decide based on the size of their lips. For fuller lips, red, peach, brown and plum are suitable shades. But always, make sure that the color shade you wear is close to your lips’ natural color.

5 Important Korean Makeup Tips

Now that you’re aware of the basics, you need to learn a few Korean makeup tips and tricks. Here are five which you should know to get the best makeup experience.

  1. Always massage your skin to help it relax. You can press the palms of your hands to your eye sockets to massage your eyes. You can also use outward and upward strokes while washing your face to relax your facial muscles and prevent premature sagging.
  2. Airbrush makeup is very useful for your makeup routine. Not only will it ensure the perfectness of your skin, but companies like Dinair Airbrush Makeup allow you to blend multiple shades to get the perfect match for your skin tone.
  3. To complement your almond-shaped eyes, shade your eyebrows with a hue lighter than your hair’s natural color.
  4. Curl your lashes to make your eyes appear larger and further apart. This will also give you an edge over others using this ethnic makeup.
  5. Experiment with styles in order to find the one which suits you the most. Never be too shy to combine styles if you think they’ll complement your features.

Give Korean makeup a chance! Try it out soon and celebrate your Asian culture.

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